Stresses on New Middle Class

A survey of China’s “new middle class” claims that 72 percent suffer from sleeping problems and 31 percent have sex just once a month.

Recruitment site published the results of the survey on problems plaguing China’s new middle class on its WeChat account. Most of the 50,000 respondents said they suffer from high levels of pressure over skyrocketing house prices and arranging their children’s education, with 47 percent saying they are more willing to invest in their children’s education than anything else.

The survey set the threshold of personal annual income at 100,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan ($14,500 to $72,500) for the “new middle class.” Around two thirds of the respondents are male and half in their 30’s.

Salary accounts for 93 percent of the income of the new middle class, who spend most of their money on repaying housing and car debt, shopping and education of their children.

Forty percent of the people surveyed are not satisfied with their income and almost half of them believe they are undervalued in the workplace. Apart from their financial situation, China’s new middle class also face health problems with 72 percent suffering from sleeping disorders and 95 percent of survey respondents said they regularly feel anxious.

Source: Sina News