Man Detained for Spreading Rumor in Shenzhen

A man was detained for allegedly making up and spreading a rumor about a property owner receiving sky high compensation from the government to make way for construction near Shenzhen North Railway Station in Longhua District.

The man, surnamed Sun, allegedly started the rumor after he saw a video clip of the demolition of the unfinished building, which has been considered an illegal structure, in his WeChat Moments.

Sun said on his WeChat, which has more than 2,000 friends, that the property owner, who had refused to relocate from the unfinished building for years, received 130 million yuan (US$19.4 million) in compensation from the government, according to Longhua police.

Sun, who owns a property agency in Longgang, started the rumor in order to persuade customers to buy apartments in Longhua. He came up with the 130-million-yuan figure by estimating the floor space of the unfinished building and the housing prices in the neighborhood.

The rumor was recreated into different versions after Sun circulated it in his WeChat Moments.

Sun attempted to delete the rumor from his phone when he was caught by police.

The building’s owner said she was compensated 16 million yuan, since the building was treated as an illegal structure.

Source: Shenzhen Daily