Chinese Firefighting Prevention

China’s Ministry of Public Security has issued a guideline to make firefighting more methodical.
According to the guideline on “smart firefighting,” new surveillance systems will connect more buildings and improve functions like automatic fire alarms, inspections and supervision.
The new remote surveillance systems will be able to recognize images like fire and smoke, and make alarms as well as monitor the conditions of firefighting facilities.
The systems will also monitor electricity leakage and cable temperatures. Prefecture-level cities and those above should complete building the new systems by the end of 2018.
Information resources including live images of fire sites, the locations of firefighting teams and major sources of danger near fire sites should be collected and maintained on a command platform for public security departments by the end of 2018.
High-rise buildings that are under construction should be installed with the new surveillance systems and old buildings should be fitted with separate fire alarm and firefighting facilities.
Source: Xinhua