China’s Clean Energy Motorcycle to Compete with Japan

“China Motorcycle ‘defeated’ Southeast Asia ‘when the” motorcycle king “Zuo Zongshen has begun to find another way.  Chongqing Zongshen Industrial Group Chairman Zuo Zongshen said, “We want to use new energy motorcycles to compete with Japan.”

Over the past ten years, market share of  “Made in China” motorcycle in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and other Southeast Asia, has dropped. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and other Japanese brands are the market leaders.

“In the Southeast Asian countries, Chinese motorcycles are considered the low-end of the market, and Japanese motorcycles in the high-end” said Zuo Zongshen frankly, mainly because China has 30 years of “ban” motorcycle policy.  As a result, the industry has been hit, there is not enough domestic market and profit space to support enterprises in the high-end research and development.

Zongshen Industrial Group produces about half of its motorcycles for export to meet demand for the low priced segment.

China Automobile Industry Association released 2016 statistics showing China’s motorcycle industry total sales of 16.8 million, down 10.8%.  Motorcycle production and sales have been declining for five consecutive years.

Zuo has been calling for the release of “ban” motorcycle policy for many years, but is not waiting for policy change and has a new plan.  Many places in Southeast Asia are facing energy problems thru their dependence on the import of oil.   “We want to compete using new energy motorcycles to compete with Japan,” because the new energy vehicles improve efficiency, environmental protection and safety performance compared to traditional motorcycle designs.  Local government is very willing to cooperate with him.

Zuo revealed that Zongshen Industry Group is now working with the Thai government to create a new energy plan in Thailand.  In addition to Southeast Asia, there are many developing countries where clean energy motorcycles would be in great demand.

Source: Pang Wuji – China News Network