Building a Community of Human Destiny Together

South African President Ramafosa at the BRIC meeting was imagining the grand blueprint of the second “Golden Decade” of the BRICS: “Towards a brighter future for the community of human destiny.”

At this moment, China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping first proposed the “community of human destiny” for more than five years.

Stars and nights are changing, and the world is changing. Human beings have faced a big change in the past 100 years. At key moments, crossroads, there are flaws, there are counter-current movements, and there is also the courage to move forward.

“Building a Community of Human Destiny Together” – The Chinese program proposed by Xi contains Chinese wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years and points out the direction of human civilization.

Only with the idea of ​​a consensus, there is a penetrating power to break through the clouds; only insight into the vision of the future will have the inspiration to guide the progress. Xi proposed “to jointly build a community of human destiny”, showing the vision and grand vision of outstanding politicians and strategists and becoming a distinctive banner for China to lead the trend of the times and the progress of human civilization.

As one of the world’s leading figures in the field of nuclear physics, Gu Yuyong came to China from Japan and chose to teach at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, traveling daily in classrooms and laboratories. The symposium was held shortly after China’s convening of the party’s 18th National Congress. Gu and many foreign experts had a hunch: “Xi Jinping hopes to communicate more clearly and clearly to the world through communication with foreign experts.”

During the discussion, Xi pointed out: “Our business is a cause of open learning to the world.” “The international community is increasingly becoming a community of destiny in you and me.” Gu made a serious record. These words that impressed him also allowed him to observe China and understand China more comprehensively.

Gu Yuyong told reporters that this discussion also confirmed his belief in rooted in China’s work: “I am very happy to train Chinese students into outstanding scientists. Science across national borders is a cause for the benefit of mankind.”

For more than five years, Gu Yuyong often saw the expression of “the community of destiny” in the media and also endorsed the pragmatic actions of China to promote the construction of the “destiny community.” He said that Xi Jinping’s remarks are profound and vivid. This concept means that countries can respect each other and be different, and they can work together and help each other.

“China should continue to vigorously advocate the concept of the community of human destiny and let the world realize that each country can have its own characteristics and can live in harmony.” Gu Yuyong said, “This kind of international exchange can cultivate true cooperation, true friendship, world talent. More harmonious and happy.”

Source: The People’s Daily